Botox for Face Lifting

Face framing lifts are designed to create a tighter appearance, emphasizing clear contours and giving the face a sharp, defined, and dimensional look.
Botox for Face Lifting
Treatment Duration
20 Minutes
Recovery time
Result duration
3-6 Months
Starts from 3,000 THB

What is a Botox Face Lift? What Does it Address?

Botox face lift has become one of the most widely accepted and popular innovations in the beauty industry. It perfectly aligns with the current trend of facial beauty: firm, slender, well-defined facial contours. The Botox lift for facial framing perfectly caters to this beauty trend.

What is Botox Face Lift?

Botox face lift involves injecting Botulinum toxin (Botox) into the facial framing area to create a lifting effect, making the face appear slender and more dimensional. Clear results can typically be seen after approximately 2 weeks post-injection.

The procedure provides noticeable facial tightening and sharpens facial contours without the need for surgery. It saves time, causes no discomfort, leaves no scars, and delivers rapid, tangible results.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Botox Face Lift

There are several reasons behind the popularity of Botox face lifts. They come with numerous advantages, but it's important to be aware of the potential disadvantages as well.


  • Convenient and quick procedure with visible results in a short period.
  • Provides a sculpted, firm, and lifted facial appearance.
  • Non-surgical, painless, and no downtime required.
  • Can be combined with other facial tightening procedures like ultherapy or fillers for enhanced results, and all these procedures can often be done on the same day.
  • Safe for both men and women, providing natural-looking results.


  • Results are not permanent and may require touch-ups every 4-6 months.
  • Minor bruising at the injection site might occur but usually subsides within a week after the procedure.

Injecting Botox for Face Slimming vs. Jaw Reduction: What's the Difference?

For some individuals, especially newcomers to the world of Botox, understanding the distinction between injecting Botox for face slimming and jaw reduction can be a bit confusing. Both procedures might seem similar, but they target different areas and serve different purposes:

  • Botox for Face Slimming: This procedure involves injecting Botox into the firm surface layers around the face and neck area to achieve a more toned appearance. This results in a slimmer and longer face shape, giving the face a sharper, defined look.
  • Botox for Jaw Reduction: In this procedure, Botox is injected directly into the masseter muscle to induce relaxation, reducing its size. This helps individuals with prominent jaw muscles achieve a slimmer and more refined facial contour. It's suitable for those looking to address concerns such as jaw clenching, jaw locking, or chronic migraines.

Face Slimming Techniques

For face slimming procedures, there are generally two techniques commonly used:

  • Dermo Lift Technique: This method involves injecting Botox along the face's contour lines from the bottom to the top. The result is a lifted and tightened skin in the facial contour area. It's suitable for individuals seeking rapid results.
  • Nefertiti Lift Technique: In this technique, Botox is injected into the muscles of the neck area. The effects tend to last longer because these muscles pull the skin downwards, causing the face to sag. After the injection, the muscles become stronger, allowing for a firmer and tighter skin.

How Many Units of Botox Are Used for Facial Lifts?

The quantity of Botox used for facial contouring depends on the assessment conducted by your doctor. In most cases, it starts from 40-50 units and can go up to 100 units, depending on individual cases. Botox for facial contouring is suitable for individuals of all ages and can also stimulate collagen production in the long term.

Who Is Suitable for Botox Facial Lifts?

As mentioned earlier, Botox can be administered to individuals of all ages without any risks. Those suitable for Botox injections include people experiencing sagging in their facial contours, those who have undergone facial or bone surgeries resulting in loose skin and unclear facial contours. Additionally, Botox is suitable for individuals with significant muscle sagging due to aging, which can be combined with jawline Botox for better results.

It's important to note that Botox injections can begin as early as age 20. Research indicates that the younger you start, the more effectively it can protect your skin from the signs of aging. Therefore, there is no specific age limit for Botox injections.

How Long Do Botox Facial Lift Results Last?

Botox facial contouring comes in two techniques: Dermo Lift and Nefertiti Lift. The results of Dermo Lift can last approximately 1-2 months, while the Nefertiti Lift technique provides longer-lasting results, around 3-4 months.

Are There Any Risks Associated with Botox Facial Contouring?

In general, Botox for facial contouring is not dangerous if administered by a skilled and experienced doctor in a reputable clinic. However, it's essential to be cautious about unlicensed clinics or inexperienced practitioners who might use diluted Botox or fake products, leading to ineffective results. Additionally, the effects of Botox are temporary, lasting around 3-4 months, requiring regular touch-ups for continuous results.

Aftercare for Botox Face Lifts

After receiving a Botox face lift, the following recommendations and practices are advised by your doctor:

  • Engage and tense the muscles in the treated areas immediately after the procedure to ensure even distribution of the substance.
  • Take Zinc supplements to enhance the effectiveness of the substance.
  • Avoid lying flat for 4 hours after the injection.
  • Refrain from activities that generate heat or involve exposure to heat, such as saunas or sunbathing, for 2 weeks.
  • Avoid alcohol and smoking for approximately 1 week.

Choosing the Right Place for Botox Face Lift

For those deciding to have a Botox face lift, it is recommended to carefully consider the following factors before selecting a clinic:

  • Read genuine reviews from service users (not sponsored reviews).
  • Consider the pricing within your budget.
  • Read reviews about the doctor providing the service.

For safety reasons, it is advised not to opt for clinics with significantly lower prices, as they might not meet the required standards. When choosing where to have your Botox face lift, prioritize clinics that offer services meeting the standard guidelines for safety and desired outcomes.

Why Choose Skinserity for Botox Face Lift?

At Skinserity clinic, we provide Botox face lift services that deliver highly effective and visible results. Our skilled and experienced doctors provide personalized consultations and recommendations for each case, ensuring the best possible outcomes after the Botox face lift procedure.

Treatment Process

1. Consultation

Plan your personalized treatment with our experts

2. Treatment
  • Clean your skin
  • Mark your treatment areas
  • Carefully select the right botox
3. After Treatment Care
  • Personal care from our experts
  • Avoid lying down for 4-6 hours after treatment
  • Avoid intense workout within the first 24 hours
  • Avoid direct heat i.e. sauna and onsen for 2 weeks
  • Avoid facial massage in the injected areas for 2 weeks

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