Weight Loss Program

At Skinserity, we offer a weight loss program tailored specifically for you, designed by our expert physicians to achieve the best possible results. Our approach focuses on improving metabolism and curbing overeating habits, ensuring successful outcomes through collaborative treatment.
Weight Loss Program
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Starts from 3,000 THB

Weight loss program

In the present day, there are several methods for weight loss, including diet control combined with exercise, calorie counting, keto diet, and intermittent fasting (IF). Regardless of the method you choose, weight loss becomes more effective and manageable with the right tools. At Skinserity Clinic, our weight loss program is designed in collaboration with our expert physicians to ensure the best possible results. This comprehensive program focuses on improving metabolism, curbing overeating habits, and maintaining a clear meal schedule.

Additionally, we offer non-invasive fat reduction options, such as fat dissolving injections, for areas like cheeks, chin, under the chin, arms, legs, and abdomen. These injections are effective, fast-acting, and can target specific problem areas, providing visible results.

Our lipolytic injections are administered using a pen-like device containing GLP-1 hormone, similar to the hormone naturally released from the small intestine. GLP-1 helps control blood sugar levels, regulates the functioning of the digestive system, and signals the brain to induce a feeling of fullness. This method aids in weight loss without affecting metabolism or causing addiction. Importantly, this treatment is proven to be both effective and safe. It has been certified as a registered medication by the FDA, making it the only registered weight loss medication in Thailand, Europe, and America. Medical professionals, particularly endocrinologists, are the only authorized practitioners for administering this treatment.

At Skinserity Clinic, our dedicated team of doctors carefully selects high-quality products and methodologies, ensuring the best results and safety for our clients.

Weight Loss Program Pricing at Skinserity Clinic:

  • Fat Dissolution for Cheeks, Chin, and Under the Chin: 3,000 Baht/area
  • Fat Dissolution for Arms, Legs, and Abdomen: 6,500 Baht/area
  • Lipolytic Injections (Pen Device): 3,000 Baht

Treatment Process

  • Individualized treatment plans in consultation with our expert practitioners.
  • Plan a weight loss program
how to treat
  • Saxenda Pen.
  • NAD+ IV Therapy
  • Injection to dissolve fat in the cheeks/under the chin
  • Injection to dissolve fat around the body
After treatment care
  • Take care after treatment closely and personally with our team of professionals.
  • Avoid touching or massaging the injection site.
  • Take medicine as prescribed by your doctor (if you receive it).
  • Notify the doctor/team immediately if there is any discoloration or inflammation in the treated area.

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