Injecting Botox for a beautifully contoured face, achieving smooth and flawless skin without wrinkles.
Treatment Duration
20 Minutes
Recovery time
Result duration
3-6 Months
Starts from 3,000 THB

Achieve Ultimate Youthfulness with Botox Injections

The Benefits of Botox: Wrinkle-Free and Sculpted Face

Botox injection on the face utilizes a muscle-relaxing substance to visibly reduce wrinkles, diminish skin sagging, and achieve a sculpted V-shaped face. By injecting Botox into the masseter muscle, it is also employed to address conditions such as teeth grinding, alleviating muscle tension, and providing relief for those who suffer from tension-induced headaches.

Additional Applications of Botox: Sweat Glands and Body Contouring

Botox injections are employed to reduce sweat gland activity in various areas of the body. When injected beneath the skin's surface, it helps minimize sweat production. Injecting Botox into other muscle areas of the body can relieve muscle tension, contributing to an enhanced body contour. This application is effective in treating hyperhidrosis and reducing the size of certain body regions.

Treatment Areas

  • Upper Facial Wrinkles: Upper facial wrinkles include forehead lines, frown lines, and crow's feet.
  • Treatment with Masseter: Masseter injections not only help achieve a V-shaped face but also address concerns such as jaw clenching and migraines.
  • Facial Tightening: Botox can be used to stimulate collagen production in the deep skin layers, providing a lifting effect to your face.
  • Skin Rejuvenation with Botox: By inducing collagen production in the deep skin layers, Botox skin treatments offer an opportunity to enhance facial clarity.
  • Reducing Underarm Sweating: Botox aids in reducing underarm sweating by temporarily blocking nerve signals that stimulate sweat production.
  • Office Syndrome Rehabilitation: With its muscle-relaxing properties, Botox can alleviate muscle tension, reducing chronic muscle pain associated with office syndrome.
  • Slimming Calves with Botox: By relaxing muscles, Botox helps achieve slimmer and more toned-looking calves.

Results After Injection

  • Possible needle marks at the injection site.
  • Mild pain at the injection site.
  • Visible reduction of wrinkles within 7-14 days.
  • For muscle injections, results may start to appear within 2-4 weeks.
  • Sweat reduction noticeable in 5-7 days.
  • Skin tightening within 1-3 days after injection.

Botox ที่ Skinserity

At Skinserity Clinic, we offer various brands of Botox, all certified by the Medical Association. Our experienced physicians will assist you in choosing the most suitable option for you.

  • Anti-wrinkle: 4,900 Baht
  • Masseter Reduction: 9,500 Baht
  • Face Lift: 9,500 Baht
  • Underarm Sweat Reduction: 7,500 Baht
  • Muscle Tension Reduction (Office Syndrome): 10,000 Baht
  • Calves Size Reduction: 10,000 Baht

Note: Prices may vary depending on the Aestox Botox. Additionally, we offer other brands of Botox at 100 units each:

  • Allergan 100 units: 18,000 Baht
  • Xeomin 100 units: 14,000 Baht
  • Aestox 100 units: 9,500 Baht

What is Botox? Is it Effective and Worth the Price?

Botox injection is considered a breakthrough that helps tighten the skin and reduces wrinkles, making it a popular trend worldwide. Many people opt for this service to achieve a beautifully sculpted face with smooth, wrinkle-free skin.

What is Botox, and What Issues Does It Address?

We are now more familiar with the term "Botox," which is actually a trade name for the substance botulinum toxin A, derived from a specific type of bacteria. This Botox has been used in the beauty industry for a long time. When injected into the body, it acts to reduce the functioning of muscle nerves, resulting in a reduction of muscle activity. The outcome is a fading of wrinkles, a more defined face, and tightened, firm skin.

If asked about the benefits of Botox, it is commonly known for its use in the beauty industry to enhance facial features and achieve a more attractive appearance. However, besides its cosmetic applications, Botox has numerous other benefits, such as:

Reduce Muscle Size for a Slimmer Look

Injecting Botox helps muscles contract and shrink, giving the face a smaller, more refined appearance. Not only can it reduce muscle size in the facial area, but it can also be applied to other parts of the body. Whether injected into the thighs for a slender look or used to decrease the size of nasal wings for a more defined nose bridge, Botox offers versatile applications.

Smooth and Firm Muscles

The distinctive quality of relaxing and firming muscles makes Botox injections a focal point in the beauty industry. This characteristic helps diminish fine lines in areas such as the forehead, crow's feet, and between the eyebrows, promoting smoother, more taut skin.

Facial Contour Lifting

Botox injections contribute to lifting facial contours, preventing sagging. This procedure enhances facial definition, providing a sharper, more sculpted appearance.

Underarm Injections: Reduce Sweating and Odor

Botox injections under the arms help decrease sweating by limiting the activity of sweat glands. This reduction in sweating also contributes to minimizing body odor.

Chronic Migraine Treatment

Botox injections induce muscle relaxation, offering relief for chronic migraine sufferers. The procedure helps alleviate pain and reduce the frequency of migraine attacks.

Treatment for Eyelid Twitching

Botox injections assist in calming overactive muscles, reducing or stopping eyelid twitching effectively.

How Does Botox Work?

At this point, many may be curious about how Botox works. When it comes to the mechanism of Botox, injecting the substance causes the nerves and muscles in the treated area to relax. This reduces contraction and tension, resulting in the muscles in the injected area relaxing over time. This leads to various facial lines appearing smoother, and the effects are typically noticeable approximately 14 days after the Botox injection.

Since Botox is a naturally extracted substance from a specific type of bacterium, the body can naturally break down this substance over time, typically within 6-12 months. Therefore, to maintain long-lasting results, regular and consistent injections are necessary.

Is Botox Dangerous?

Currently, Botox injections are considered a safe method if administered by experienced and specialized clinics and physicians. Choosing genuine Botox also helps minimize the risk of potential dangers.

While there have been cases of undesirable side effects from Botox, such as swelling, stiffness, and an unnatural appearance, it's essential to note that not every case leads to such outcomes. This is especially true when confident in selecting a clinic and a physician experienced in administering Botox. Furthermore, the results depend on the injection technique and the physician's experience.

To ensure the most effective and safe results after Botox injections, it is crucial to choose certified and standardized Botox, approved by the Food and Drug Administration. This selection process is vital as the use of fake Botox may lead to side effects and potential harm to the body.

Dangers of Using Fake Botox

For those opting for services from unauthorized clinics, self-proclaimed doctors, or unprofessional practitioners, there is an increased risk of encountering fake Botox. Choosing services in these settings not only raises the risk of incorrect injections but may also lead to complications.

The use of fake Botox can potentially result in the body developing a resistance, making future injections less effective. Additionally, it may lead to drooping eyelids, twisted mouths, and distorted facial features. Therefore, it is crucial to prioritize safety and choose certified clinics and experienced physicians for Botox injections.

How Long Does Botox Last?

The results of Botox injections are not permanent, and the duration it lasts in the body varies based on the injection site and self-care practices afterward. Typically, Botox remains effective for about 4-8 months. The longevity of Botox depends on two main factors:

  1. Brand of Botox Used: Choosing a high-purity Botox brand contributes to its longer effectiveness. Botox with higher purity is less likely to be neutralized by the body, as the body tends to produce proteins to counteract less pure Botox. Therefore, a higher purity Botox can remain active for a more extended period.
  2. Injection Site: The injection site significantly influences how long Botox can stay effective. Injecting Botox into larger muscle masses, such as those in the forehead, arms, or shoulders, may lead to quicker dissipation compared to injecting it into smaller muscle masses, like those in the brow, cheek, or around the eyes. However, the specific volume of Botox used also plays a role, and an experienced physician will accurately calculate the needed amount.

Popular Injection Sites for Botox

Botox injections can be administered in various areas of the body, both in larger muscle areas and smaller muscle bundles. The popular injection points include:

Jawline Botox

Ideal for those who want to reshape their face for a tighter appearance. Botox relaxes the muscles around the jawline, giving it a firm look. This results in a more defined and smaller face. However, it may not be suitable for those with a triangular or wide face structure.

Cheek Botox

Injecting Botox to reduce cheek prominence is another popular method, especially for individuals with high cheekbones. This procedure relaxes the muscles, reducing their activity and minimizing cheek prominence, resulting in a more contoured and smoother appearance.

Facelift Botox

Injecting Botox to lift facial contours is a technique to make the face look petite and beautifully contoured without the need for surgery. It enhances the clarity and beauty of the skin and muscles around the face frame. It is often combined with jawline Botox to reduce sagging.

Forehead Botox

As age increases, forehead wrinkles become more pronounced. Forehead Botox injections help to relax the muscles, resulting in smoother and wrinkle-free skin. When the face moves or expresses any emotions, no wrinkles or folds will appear.

Botox Between Brows

The area between the brows is prone to visible wrinkles. Injecting Botox in this region relaxes the muscles, preventing the formation of wrinkles when making facial expressions. This procedure effectively diminishes the appearance of frown lines.

Underarm Botox

Botox injections in the underarm area are primarily aimed at reducing sweating and body odor. This procedure is highly effective, with results reaching up to 80% efficiency in reducing perspiration and odor.

Comparing Botox vs. Hifu vs. Filler Injections

Botox, Hifu, and filler injections are all popular aesthetic procedures in the current era, each offering distinct results. Let's compare the three:

Botox vs. Hifu

Both Botox and Hifu can provide skin tightening results, but they differ in their mode of action. Botox primarily affects the deeper layers of the skin, while Hifu targets deeper skin layers. Additionally, Hifu contributes to collagen regeneration, resulting in a more youthful and plump appearance. The duration of effectiveness also varies, with Hifu lasting longer, typically 6-12 months, compared to Botox, which usually lasts around 2-3 months.

Botox vs Filler 

The outcomes of Botox injections significantly differ from those of filler injections. Botox tightens the skin by eliminating excess muscle activity, while fillers act as volumizers, providing a fuller and more balanced appearance. Botox results in a tightened and uplifted appearance, while fillers result in plump, proportionate skin with added dimension.

Pre and Post-Botox Injection Practices

Botox injection requires proper preparation to ensure maximum effectiveness. Additionally, after the injection, your doctor will provide recommendations and post-injection practices. It is crucial for the service recipient to follow both pre and post-Botox injection guidelines for optimal results.

Pre-Botox Injection Practices

  • Choose a clinic with standards, safety measures, proper licensing, and positive user reviews.
  • Use only authentic Botox to prevent undesirable side effects and build resistance.
  • Before injection, it is advisable to have the physician mix the solution each time to prevent excessive saline mixing.
  • Avoid injecting more than 300 units at a time.

Post-Botox Injection Practices

  • Immediately after injection, gently move the muscles in the injected area 1-2 times to ensure even distribution.
  • Refrain from lying down for 3-4 hours after the injection.
  • Avoid any contact with heat, including activities that may cause facial redness.
  • Abstain from consuming alcohol, smoking, and hot, spicy foods.
  • Avoid facial massages, scrubbing, or touching the face to prevent any irritation for approximately 2 weeks after the injection.

How to Identify Real Botox

Due to the current popularity of Botox injections, the market has been flooded with counterfeit products, leading many to miss out on authentic services, posing potential risks and compromising results. Recognizing genuine Botox involves several key observations:

  • Registration Number from Thai FDA: Authentic Botox will have a registration number issued by the Thai Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Additionally, accompanying documents should be provided in the Thai language.
  • Lot Number Consistency: The lot number on both the box and the vial should be a matching, consistent set of digits.
  • Bottle Bottom Seal: The bottom of the bottle should display a medication seal and not contain any water mixture. Authentic Botox requires the addition of saline solution just before injection.
  • QR Code or Hologram on the Box: The product packaging should feature a QR code or hologram that can be scanned to access additional information.
  • Manufacturing and Expiry Dates: Both the box and the vial must display clear manufacturing and expiry dates.

Choosing counterfeit Botox can lead to undesirable side effects and even Botox resistance. It is strongly recommended to opt for genuine Botox, as it is safer, and the body can naturally break down the substance over time.

Choosing aBotox Brand and Where to Get Injections

Botox originates from various countries, such as Korea, America, England, and Germany. Botox from different sources may have varying durations. This depends on characteristics, manufacturing methods, and the purity of the substance. When choosing a Botox brand, it is recommended to consider your budget and requirements. It is advisable to thoroughly research the details and information of each Botox type beforehand.

For Botox injections, it is recommended to choose a clinic that provides standardized and licensed services. Opting for unlicensed or non-standard clinics may lead to undesirable side effects. Using such services may also pose risks of counterfeit Botox that can accumulate in the body, leading to natural elimination difficulties and potential resistance. Additionally, choosing unqualified doctors or non-standard clinics increases the risk of various dangers and side effects.

Why Choose Botox at Skinserity?

Selecting Botox services at Skinserity offers several advantages. The medical professionals at Skinserity are experienced and specialized physicians who provide excellent advice and consultation. The Botox used at Skinserity is genuine, ensuring safety and adherence to high standards.

Treatment Process

1. Consultation

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2. Treatment
  • Clean your skin
  • Mark your treatment areas
  • Carefully select the right botox
3. After Treatment Care
  • Personal care from our experts
  • Avoid lying down for 4-6 hours after treatment
  • Avoid intense workout within the first 24 hours
  • Avoid direct heat i.e. sauna and onsen for 2 weeks
  • Avoid facial massage in the injected areas for 2 weeks

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