Derma Glow Injections

Derma Glow Injections repair your skin
Derma Glow Injections
Treatment Duration
30 minutes
Recovery time
Result duration
4-6 Months
Starts from 3,500 thb


Awaken the Power of Beauty: Clear Skin with Natural Extracts


Beautiful skin and good health with natural extracts. Detoxify the skin, rejuvenate from within, reduce wrinkles, and restore moisture. Radiant and fresh skin with essential nutrients, deeply nourishing for profound care. Cleanse toxins and rejuvenate damaged cells on the skin, stimulate blood circulation, and nourish cells for smooth and radiant skin. Revitalize and balance the body. Made in Spain.

Why choose Derma Glow?

The solute of Derma Glow is adjusted to have a neutral pH value, preventing skin irritation or pain in the injected area during both the Made and Mesotherapy techniques.

  1. Derma Glow chooses to use Hyaluronic production technology that is a Bi-phase non-cross-link molecule, making it easy for the solution to penetrate skin cells without being sticky, creating pressure on the skin. This results in outcomes different from other products.
  2. Derma Glow opts for Amino peptide extracted from the plant known as Soy amino acid (Glycine Max), a derivative of plant proteins. Immediate injection causes no allergic reactions, irritation, redness, or swelling, as seen in extracts from animals such as fish.
  3. Derma Glow gathers free radical-fighting substances from plants, featuring Bioactive components that excel in detoxification and comprehensive skin care at every step. It effectively addresses various skin issues like acne, inflammation, freckles, and dark spots. The product also includes a group of vitamin-like substances that enhance Synthetic effects, ensuring rapid and noticeable treatment results from the first session.

The natural extracts that are components in Derma Glow

  • Soy Amino Acid stimulates collagen, directly repairing DNA damaged by acne inflammation.
  • Ellagic Acid, an extract from Redberry, inhibits the Tyrosinase enzyme, reducing freckles, sunspots, and dark spots.
  • Hyaluronic Acid enhances skin moisture, keeping it hydrated.
  • Niacinamide reduces dark spots caused by acne.
  • TEA detoxifies the skin, eliminates toxins, combats inflammation, and prevents bacterial infections, reducing dark spots.

Revitalizing the skin with DERMA GLOW 3D Transformers Skin Cell Revolution

  • First Dimension: D1 Skin Detoxification and Skin Balancing

The green tea extract Protocatechuic Acid (PCA) combined with Active Multi-Vitamin B Complex, along with Magnesium Chloride, helps stimulate the skin to eliminate accumulated impurities that pose persistent issues to the complexion. This combination assists in maintaining the skin's balance and rejuvenates it to promote strength and resilience.

  • Second Dimension D2 Anti Inflammatory and Anti Irritation Anti-bacteria

Glycine Max (Soy amino acid) helps reduce inflammatory processes. Irritation of skin cells from free radicals and inhibits Oxidative damage cell reactions.

  • Third Dimension D3 Pigmentation Controls

With the Bioactive Synergistic Effects of Niacinamide, Soy Amino Acid, and extracts from Licorice roots (ZGlabridin and Liquirtin), the results of each component help inhibit and reduce inflammation from acne. Additionally, they break down abnormal pigmentation cells, swiftly fading away acne, blemishes, and dark spots

DERMA GLOW is suitable for what types of skin problems?

  • Individuals with skin sensitivity and imbalance
  • Those seeking deep detoxification and skin detox
  • People aiming to stimulate blood circulation and restore overall body balance
  • Individuals facing uneven skin tone, dark spots, sunspots, hormonal pigmentation, and pigmentation from makeup or stress
  • Those looking for treatment for chronic acne, acne rashes, and inflammatory acne

Reveal clear skin within 5 weeks

Week 1
Detox the skin, flush out toxins, and balance the skin.
Week 2
Detox the skin, flush out toxins, reduce dark spots, reduce blemishes and freckles.
Week 3
Detox the skin, flush out toxins, reduce dark spots, reduce blemishes, freckles, reveal white skin.
Week 4
Detox the skin, flush out toxins, reduce dark spots, reduce blemishes, freckles, make skin white and clear, acne disappears.
Week 5
Protect, stop, prevent dark spots, blemishes, freckles, acne.
After the procedure there is no "stinging" or "swelling" symptoms. Results can be seen within 7 days and results will be clearly seen when the procedure is performed continuously 5 times, depending on the individual's response and satisfaction with the results.

Derma Glow at Skinserity Clinic

At Skinsurity Clinic, the doctor uses a 16-point injection technique all over the face according to the lymphatic circulation points on the face. In order for the medicine to work effectively and evenly on the entire face.
Derma Glow 1 time 3,500 baht
Derma Glow 5 times 15,500 baht *Recommended*

Treatment Process

1. Consultation

Plan your personalized treatment with our experts

2. Treatment
  • Skin cleansing
  • Marking of the treatment area
  • Meticulous selection of products
  • Injection of Derma Glow: Approximately 12-18 small amounts are distributed evenly over the face.
2. Treatment
  • Receive close and personal aftercare from our team of professionals.
  • Take medication as prescribed by your doctor (if any).
  • Avoid strenuous exercise for the first 24 hours.
  • Apply a cold compress if there is swelling.
    Notify your doctor/team immediately if there is any discoloration or inflammation of the treated area.

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